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June, 22 2007 Feedback

You can now also leave your messages for our church. To do that click FEEDBACK It's in Russian, but there is not much to understand. Just fill in the form and we will be glad to hear from you.

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Serve the City 2007 (Ryazan)

The second annual project Serve the City (Ryazan) is over! With time we will summarize it and share the results with you. But now we just want to thank everybody who sacrificed time, energy, vacation, sleep or finances to help this all happen! Thank you!

We also would like to say that this project will really be a success, when participants or those who were served or anybody else will remember about its principles and goals and act accordingly after this wonderful week of service, fellowship and fun is over. Exactly then our city will really become better, life will become easier and people - kinder!


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